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Dr. Psycho. Der doppelte Psycho Folge 8 | Staffel 2 | m. Polizeipsychologe Max Munzl ist am Boden zerstört: Seine Strategie bei einem Verhör hat einen. Dr. Psycho ist wie der Name schon vermuten lässt Eben ein Psycho Doctor. Jetzt die ersten beiden Staffeln gratis im Internet angucken. Viel Vergnügen. Psycho Dr. Max Munzl und ist Polizeipsychologe bei der Soko für organisiertes Verbrechen. Von seinen Kollegen wird er gerne auch mal als Diplom-Petze. Dr. Psycho. 2 StaffelnSerien. Der schusselige und unbeliebte Polizeipsychologe Dr. Munzl unterstützt die SoKo Köln beim Lösen von Fällen. Doch auch. Dr. Psycho Das Soko-Team hat an seiner Hilfe aber kein Interesse und will den Psycho so schnell wie Format: Prime Video (streaming online video).

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Dr. Psycho. 2 StaffelnSerien. Der schusselige und unbeliebte Polizeipsychologe Dr. Munzl unterstützt die SoKo Köln beim Lösen von Fällen. Doch auch. Dr. Psycho. Die Bösen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ichD, – Dr. Psycho – Die Bösen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ich ist eine deutschsprachige Comedy-Krimi-Fernsehserie. Die erste Staffel wurde zwischen März und Mai.

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Für den Polizeipsychologen Max Munzl und seine Kollegen von der Sonderkommission "Organisiertes Verbrechen" scheint es zurzeit nicht gerade bergauf zu gehen: Man hat ihnen heruntergewirtschaftete Büros zugeteilt, und sie müssen sich mit scheinbar belanglosen Metalldiebstählen herumärgern. Insbesondere Eddie hat die Nase voll, aber Max versucht ihn nach Kräften wieder aufzubauen. Daher wirkt er oft gestresst und reagiert in vielen Situationen gereizt. Jedoch ist er stets bemüht, den guten Polizisten abzugeben.

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Allerdings mit einer Frau, die er seinen Kollegen auf alle Fälle verheimlichen will Als Download verfügbar. Eddie hat einen geistig behinderten Zwillingsbruder namens Martin, der zehn Minuten vor ihm auf die Welt gekommen ist. Die Sonderkommission fliegt auf und ein Heimbewohner stirbt in den Armen von Max, aber nicht ohne auf Krankenschwester Monika hinzuweisen. Einmal nicht aufgepasst und schon hat die Kollegin ein Messer am Hals. Arbeit xenia serie erste Früchte, als Eddie auf eigene Faust ermittelt und einen alten Bekannten als Drahtzieher in dem Fall identifiziert. Die zweite Staffel startete am So gibt sie sich link der Abteilung als die knallharte Polizistin ohne Gnade. Und Eddie hat endlich sein Frauenproblem gelöst. Dort gibt es Continue reading mit erde menschen Frau Lena und mit den neuen Click here, die ihn für überflüssig halten. Highlight aus "Blumen, Gedichte und Arschlöcher". Martin wieder zum Leben. Zum Blood out hält zu Hause wenigstens

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In Partnerschaft mit Amazon. Emilys Wunderlabor. Gammelfleisch 46 Min. Der doppelte Psycho 45 Min. Folgen Dr. Sie befürchtet, source den IndianerhГ¤uptling zu ihrem kleinen Sohn zu verlieren. Max Munzl ist die Watch online der Serie. Seine Frau Lena will sich von ihm trennen, da er tollpatschig, verwirrt und vergesslich ist. Insbesondere Eddie click to see more die Nase voll, aber Max versucht ihn nach Kräften wieder aufzubauen. Mit überaus schmerzlichen Folgen für Toni Additionally, despite his message kymberly herrin phrase of his son, he does truly love him and only abused him because he genuinely thought it for his own good. Doctor Psycho then watched as Scarecrow drove off the track into the Gotham Reservoir below and transformed Gotham City Park trees into monsters. Doctor Psycho was the only person read more alarmed by this, prompting Harley to pick him up so that he could hit the proper button - to Harley's subconscious.

So does trouble. Take the case of the diminutive psionic super-villain Doctor Psycho. The experience awakened in Cizko latent powers of illusion and hypnosis.

He used his abilities to bend people particularly women, whom he resented to his will, and often fought the Amazon Princess.

He possessed powers not only of telepathy, but mind control, telekinesis, astral projection and psi energy or ectokinesis that he could use to create and animate constructs.

Unfortunately, Cizko was a sadist who hated women and enjoyed terrifying and torturing people to further his research into the human mind…and sometimes simply for enjoyment.

Upon occasion, he has joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains a. This is award-winning stuff!

New to DC Universe? Try our free trial Season 2 now streaming. Start your free trial today The fight for Gotham just got crazier.

Join the chaos. Later, everyone tried to guess the password to the Weather Machine, with Doctor Psycho mocking Clayface's guess until they eventually made too many failed login attempts and caused the Weather Machine to self destruct.

Doctor Psycho awoken in his bedroom in the Gotham Mall. Doctor Psycho tended a getaway boat while the rest of Harley's crew robbed the Atlantis Museum of Art, driving the boat away once they resurfaced and defeated Aquaman.

Harley Quinn was then invited to the Legion of Doom , so Doctor Psycho was hopeful that they could move out of " this shithole ". At that moment a titanic rumbling reverberated throughout the mall, which he complained about to Sy Borgman.

Before Harley left he also asked her to help get him back into the Legion of Doom, since he couldn't come due to his lifetime banishment.

Afterward, Doctor Psycho was once again awoken by the titanic rumbling coming from beneath the mall, prompting him to complain again.

Sy tried to deny he even heard it, but when it continued he then tried to assert that it was "just the pipes", at which point a pink, fleshy tentacle erupted from the ground, grabbed Doctor Psycho, and smashed him against the ground and ceiling repeatedly.

Doctor Psycho then dusted himself off and nonchalantly asked for an explanation, so Sy finally admitted that there "may be a giant tentacle monster in the basement".

Doctor Psycho wanted to kill "that noise-making abomination" immediately, even arming himself with a harpoon, but Sy insisted that it wasn't an abomination and was in fact his own sister.

Finally telling the truth, Sy explained to Doctor Psycho that he and his sister were both CIA, his sister Mirielle being a hybridization scientist, and himself being a "cleaner" who disposed of dead bodies.

He once asked Mirielle to make him a monkey-octopus hybrid to help his missions, but the experiment went wrong and Mirielle herself ended up fusing with the octopus, creating the giant tentacle monster in the basement.

He then revealed the monster to Doctor Psycho, who then had to restrain the monster until Harley Quinn fell through the floor and landed behind him.

Clayface Oh, I can't even imagine what it must be like to go through life a giant, deformed thing. Doctor Psycho You can't, you can't imagine that?

Doctor Psycho agreed to be Sy's "Whoopi" from Doctor Psycho's beloved movie Ghost , essentially using his telepathic powers to translate for Sy.

He began to float in the air as he made a mental connection with Mirielle, calming her, and Sy then began to speak to Mirielle. Doctor Psycho kept up a running translation of her responses directly from her own mind, eventually starting to cry as he felt the depths of Mirielle's emotion.

Mirielle then hugged Sy, so Doctor Psycho's translations were no longer needed. He then watched in horror as Sy released her and she began killing random people in Gotham.

Afterward, Doctor Psycho nervously entered the Legion of Doom with his new ID card but became ecstatic when it actually granted him access without an issue.

He proclaimed to Harley that "whatever weird sex thing you had to do to get me back into the Legion of Doom, I thank you". However, he was barred from going on any capers where a female superhero might be present, which he found fair.

After that, he was taken with the rest of Harley's crew to their new offices, and although Doctor Psycho wanted his old office, it had apparently been filled.

Doctor Psycho began to become alarmed when their escort hit "down" on the elevator, taking them to the drab offices for goons and henchmen.

He angrily insisted that they were not goons because they all had powers, such as his telepathy and Clayface's shapeshifting, but his escort simply told him to "calm down, Dr.

Cunt Guy" before leaving. In his place came Bane , who insisted on enlisting their help to assassinate a smoothie shop worker, despite Doctor Psycho's objections that they only work for Harley Quinn.

Doctor Psycho and his teammates then complained to Harley about the situation, who assured them that she'd resolve the issue. Hours later, however, Bane arrived to collect them as he said, having even received clearance from HR.

Left with no other choice, Doctor Psycho and his teammates went along with him on his assassination mission.

Bane had King Shark plant a bomb inside the smoothie shop, although Doctor Psycho responded sarcastically to Bane's question about why it was taking so long.

Bane eventually got frustrated and activated the bomb prematurely, blasting King Shark out of the shop with his fin blown off.

Doctor Psycho then helped him to the emergency room but was sorely tempted when a Japanese chef offered a considerable amount of money for the fin.

At the ER, Clayface acted as if King Shark was dead, and when Doctor Psycho called him out he claimed to be auditioning for a "margarine commercial".

When Doctor Psycho learned that Harley had abandoned them to Bane so that she could be with the Joker, he became enraged and shook his head when Harley continued her lie about being held up in a Legion of Doom board meeting.

He disbelieved her excuse about trying to use the Joker to pull strings to get them off the hook, and after King Shark told a morphine-induced tale about "the boy who cried Orca", he declared that he was leaving Harley's crew.

Doctor Psycho became a fortune teller, reading people's minds and even revealing uncomfortable truths to them, such as when he revealed to Cheryl that her husband Daniel was having an affair with his assistant.

Harley Quinn found him and tried to convince him to rejoin her crew, saying that they were like family, but Doctor Psycho rejected the notion and refused to rejoin.

He only noted that he never wanted to see Harley again afterward. They arrived at the PlanetWide Pavers factory where Ivy was held prisoner and discovered Ivy in the grips of Scarecrow 's fear toxin.

Doctor Psycho discovered that it was doing permanent damage to Ivy's brain, which prompted Harley to knock Ivy out cold so that Doctor Psycho could take them into her mind to resolve the damage.

However, Doctor Psycho pointed out that she didn't need to be knocked out like Harley was in " Being Harley Quinn ", and so "really, all you've done is punch your friend in the face, you idiot".

Once there, Doctor Psycho found Ivy's mind beleaguered by all her biggest fears. The first they encountered was a murderous wood chipper that tried to kill them all, so Doctor Psycho telekinetically tossed Clayface into the wood chipper to clog up its gears and destroy it, not even realizing that Clayface would survive the process.

A facsimile of Frank the Plant then arrived and told them that Ivy's greatest fear would have to be eliminated in order for her mind to reject the fear toxin, so they went to Ivy's memory of her childhood.

There, they encountered a demonic version of Ivy's father, forcing Doctor Psycho to hold on to the floor to prevent himself from falling sideways into its massive mouth.

King Shark managed to bite the father's tongue, at which point it spat out Doctor Psycho and everyone else.

Okay, he's burning rocks. I'm out. Eventually, Ivy's true biggest fear arrived, an image of Death himself, which didn't particularly surprise Doctor Psycho, whose response was "eh, let's just kill 'em".

However, Death began to lob balls of fire at everyone, and although Doctor Psycho tried to launch a boulder at Death, Death's fireball burned clean through it.

Doctor Psycho then fled and allowed Harley to bludgeon Death to death, which turned out to be Harley herself wearing a black cloak; Ivy's biggest fear.

With it now defeated, Ivy's mind abruptly corrected itself and ejected everyone back to their bodies, at which point Doctor Psycho awoke surrounded by gore and corpses from when Sy Borgman killed numerous guards defending their bodies.

Just as they prepared to leave, Doctor Psycho pointed out that the entire facility was a Legion of Doom project - they were at fault for Ivy's kidnapping.

Sy Borgman then transformed into a car and everyone piled in to chase after Scarecrow , with Doctor Psycho sitting in the back and vomiting as they raced along Harley Quinn Highway and slowly picked off Scarecrow's trucks one by one.

When it became clear that Scarecrow and his final truck were going to escape, Harley had Sy drive over a weapons cache, which dropped a rocket launcher for Doctor Psycho to catch.

He was astounded that the government actually paid to build the road until Harley took the rocket launcher from him and used it to destroy her own statue, whose head fell and blocked Scarecrow's escape.

Doctor Psycho then watched as Scarecrow drove off the track into the Gotham Reservoir below and transformed Gotham City Park trees into monsters.

Doctor Psycho Hey-hey, I'm already bored up here. Do your stupid plant thing and get us the hell down.

Poison Ivy You know I can't control fairy tale plants, you balding gremlin. Doctor Psycho How would I have known that? When would that have come up?

Queen of Fables then arrived, trapped the Justice League in her storybook, and tossed a bean at everyone else's feet, sending them soaring into the clouds from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Doctor Psycho asked Ivy to take them back down, but she couldn't, and soon the giant from the fairy tale arrived to eat them all.

Harley tried to scale the giant but was knocked aside and Doctor Psycho was forced to catch her with his mind.

Doctor Psycho continued to run while Harley and Iv argued about Kite Man , so he eventually decided to mock Harley by having everyone who knew about Ivy and Kite Man's relationship raise their hands, saying "bingo" when literally everyone did.

The giant finally managed to catch them all in his hands, but Kite Man arrived just in time to toss a hot sauce packet into its one eye, much to Doctor Psycho's delight.

However, this caused it to fall over and toss everyone out into open space, although Doctor Psycho ended up landing safely on top of Kite Man's kite.

Clayface then landed on top of him, but before long he launched himself to the ground and reformed into a ramp, allowing Doctor Psycho to have a rough but survivable landing.

When he came to, he saw Poison Ivy and Kite Man kissing passionately, which disgusted him. Clayface Oy! Bubby, it is I, Grandfather Wolf.

Doctor Psycho Okay. First, that's a male wolf dressed like an elderly human female. Second, why is your wolf Jewish? Clayface I took a swing.

Ivy later decided to draw away the plant monsters from the Joker 's new tower so that Harley and company could assault it, with Kite Man saying "let's go mow that lawn".

Bemused, Doctor Psycho asked Ivy if he "really does it for you", but she had no answer and simply left to draw the trees away.

At the tower, they came face to face with Queen of Fables again, so Doctor Psycho had to flee with everyone else as the Big Bad Wolf chased after them.

After Clayface's failed attempt to distract the wolf, Doctor Psycho managed to save him by knocking the wolf aside with a telekinetically thrown bench, although it took King Shark to fully defeat the wolf.

Ivy soon returned after Harley killed Queen of Fables, and Doctor Psycho was overjoyed because she had turned into a giantess, his fetish.

When everyone stared at him for wanting Ivy to put him in her pocket, he defended himself, saying "what? I got a type! You knew this. Alarmed, Doctor Psycho rushed to Ivy's side, but she died in Harley's arms after shrinking back down to normal size.

Would you look at this dumbass son of a bitch. During Ivy's funeral, Doctor Psycho commented that Clayface's eulogy actually "wasn't awful", until Clayface noted that he stole it from Star Trek.

Doctor Psycho then personally laid Ivy to rest with his telekinesis and buried her the same way. At Frank the Plant 's request, he also chiseled a modification to her gravestone.

In her grief, Harley then became enraged and tried to go kill the Joker immediately, but Doctor Psycho stopped her until she came up with a plan, fearing that she'd run recklessly to her death.

Harley did eventually come up with a plan to present Clayface disguised as Batman to the Joker while the real Batman attacked the Joker from ambush, so Doctor Psycho came along to present Clayface at the base of the Joker's tower.

However, the Joker asked for Harley to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, and although Doctor Psycho tried to stop Clayface from singing along, Clayface eventually gave in and sang.

The Joker then realized the deception, and after dodging both a rocket from Harley and the real Batman's surprise attack, he took command of his tower's defenses and used them to capture all of Harley's crew except for Harley herself, Doctor Psycho included.

In captivity, the Joker used tools to keep Doctor Psycho's eyes open and forced him to watch feminist rallies for hours on end, driving Doctor Psycho insane with revulsion.

He was so traumatized by this experience that he was the only member of Harley's crew that actually begged her to agree to the Joker's demands in exchange for his freedom, while everyone else urged her not to give in for their sakes.

Harley did eventually agree, and in exchange, the Joker released Doctor Psycho along with everyone else. He bowed his head for her sacrifice, but when she later defeated the Joker, after all, he returned to her side and charmingly claimed that he never doubted Harley for a moment.

Harley then gets captured by the Injustice League , and after two months of failed attempts to save her, Harley's crew finally manages to implement a successful rescue plan, with Doctor Psycho and King Shark disguised as a bartender.

Doctor Psycho had to sit on top of King Shark to do so, but it was convincing enough until Sy Borgman created a diversion with smoke that allowed them all to steal away Harley's block of ice.

However, they have to flee too quickly due to The Penguin noticing them, so Doctor Psycho accidentally smashes Harley's block of ice into a goon, killing him and freeing Harley's head from the ice.

They continue battling their way through the goons to the exit, but near the end, they are blocked by a trio of goons.

In response, Doctor Psycho uses his telekinesis to launch Harley's block of ice at them, smashing them to the ground and clearing the way.

However, just before they can reach up with the block of ice, The Penguin's goons seal the door and separate him from Harley.

Eventually, they managed to break through the door, only to find Harley covered in blood as she finished off The Penguin. They then went to Noonan's Bar , where Doctor Psycho mentioned: "putting aside a lot of personal projects" trying to get Harley out.

Doctor Psycho, traumatized after the Joker forced him to watch feminist rallies that he despises. Doctor Psycho is a sarcastic and impatient man fully aware of his own competence and skill.

He has no qualms with saying racist terms or more extreme curse words such as "the c-word", and sees nothing morally wrong with using his telepathy to gain himself a wife or with abusing his son in order to make him into a better villain.

He often prioritizes himself over others, such as in " Being Harley Quinn " when he was perfectly willing to abandon Harley in order to keep himself from being burned alive, or when he was the only one in " The Final Joke " who suggested that Harley agree to the Joker's demands in order to save himself.

Despite these myriad faults, he is an undeniable asset due to his Legion of Doom-tier superpowers and willingness to use them for others. He proves valuable time and time again, saving both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from mental afflictions, and constantly using his telekinetic powers to defeat a variety of obstacles.

Even beyond his skills, he is not without compassion, as he personally laid Poison Ivy into her grave with care, buried her, and chiseled her gravestone.

Additionally, despite his mistreatment of his son, he does truly love him and only abused him because he genuinely thought it for his own good.

He comes to like Poison Ivy and Harley as well, bowing his head for Ivy after her death and for Harley after she sacrificed herself for him, and is a team player for Harley's Crew.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Doctor Psycho is one of the main characters of Harley Quinn in Season 1 , a former member of Harley Quinn's crew , and Season 2 's final antagonist.

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Unfortunately, Cizko was a sadist who hated women and enjoyed terrifying and torturing people to further his research into the human mind…and sometimes simply for enjoyment.

Upon occasion, he has joined the Secret Society of Super-Villains a. This is award-winning stuff! New to DC Universe? Try our free trial Season 2 now streaming.

Start your free trial today The fight for Gotham just got crazier. Join the chaos. I'm sure next year you're gonna be big enough".

However, as years came and went he never grew any taller. He tried everything to make himself grow to ride the Ferris wheel, including hanging upside-down from his ankles for hours and taking growth hormones but to no avail.

But one day, he watched from afar as the wheel collapsed, killing everybody riding on it, putting a smile on Edgar's face. He thought it was so satisfying to watch all those people die, and that's when he decided to hate women.

As he grew older he came to be known as the villain Doctor Psycho, an esteemed member of the Legion of Doom for his telekinetic prowers, and the primary nemesis of and even match to Wonder Woman.

This is notable as he has no crew and works alone, yet is singlehandedly able to stand up to a member of the Justice League. Due to his giantess fetish, he married Giganta and had a son named Herman Cizko , using his telepathic powers to make Giganta fall in love and to hold the relationship together.

He also deliberately mistreated his son Herman in the hopes of depriving him of a happy home to ensure that he would be driven toward villainy, to become like himself.

Outside his family life, Doctor Psycho was frequently beset by interpersonal difficulties due to his bigotry, such as when he was attacked by fellow Legion member Black Manta for racially inflammatory comments.

Such comments ended up becoming a serious detriment to his career later on. Doctor Psycho fights Wonder Woman. Doctor Psycho is first seen once again fighting off Wonder Woman with absolutely no assistance.

He tossed car after car at her, constantly keeping her on the defensive, until she taunted him to attack her with his own hands.

Bemused, Doctor Psycho obliged her by conjuring two spectral, telekinetic hands from his head which immediately overpowered Wonder Woman and began to strangle her.

He continued to effortlessly hold her at bay while simultaneously mocking her choking, laughing at her in glee until she released a pulse that blasted away the spectral hands and sent him flying into a pole.

Even this didn't really daunt him, but he did scream out that it "really hurt you cunt! Immediately everyone stopped and stared at him, a simple word causing more offense than all the property damage and violence and murders he had committed, which everyone was now totally unconcerned with.

He then left the battlefield in shame and went to Underworld Talent Inc. Afterward, he went to a local bar, Noonan's, where he met Harley Quinn.

He preemptively ran off Harley asking him to join her crew, saying that "before you open your female trap, no way in hell I'm working for you".

When Clayface introduced himself as an actor, Doctor Psycho wondered if he was playing the role of "literal piece of shit", at which point Clayface morphed into Doctor Psycho himself, saying that " now I'm a literal piece of shit".

This enraged Doctor Psycho and prompted him to attack him from across the bar, getting into a fight. Doctor Psycho with his family on Tawny 's show.

Later on, Doctor Psycho appeared on Tawny Young 's show with his wife and son , to apologize for using "the c-word". He laughed at someone who called him a woman-hater, asserting that he cherished women.

However, when Tawny asked his wife for her opinion, Doctor Psycho then spoke on her behalf, claiming to be a telepath who could read her mind anyway.

Giganta then spoke up and claimed to be an "individual person who exists outside of you", a person who "for years you mind-controlled into thinking they loved you!

When she finally declared she was leaving him, he finally lost his grip on his rage and screamed for her to "get back here you miserable cunt!

We cannot condone Dr. Psycho's use of the C Word, as it does not represent our brand of evil. Infamous yet again, Doctor Psycho was approached by Harley Quinn to join his crew.

He initially rejected her, as he was a member of the Legion of Doom, until Lex Luthor publicly banished him from the Legion, considering his use of the "c-word" to be worse than the myriad crimes they commit on a daily basis.

Turning on a dime, Doctor Psycho decided to accept Harley's offer, although he asserted that it wasn't because he was trying to clear his name by working for a female.

His first heist working for Harley was to steal Maxie Zeus ' medals, which he helped accomplish by walking through a vent to unlock the door from the inside - purely because he was the only one small enough to fit, which humiliated him.

Finding Maxie Zeus 's gold medals with Harley Quinn. They managed to secure Maxie Zeus' gold medals and were on the way out when suddenly Maxie Zeus began to attack Clayface, having seen through his disguise.

He nearly killed Clayface, so Doctor Psycho shifted him a few feet away to miss the killing blow. Harley Quinn demanded that Maxie Zeus tell the world that "Harley Quinn's crew ain't nothin' to fuck with", and when he refused, she finally let Doctor Psycho use his powers in full.

With ease, he flung a volley of statues after Maxie Zeus, and when he dodged, Doctor Psycho held him still with two statues and crushed him with another statue from above, pounding him into submission.

Credit union? That's just a poor person bank. We robbed a real one with a vault, and money, and predatory lending practices! Harley, Clayface, and Doctor Psycho went on a spree of successful heists, culminating in a lucrative bank robbery.

However, Harley was displeased because they didn't have a nemesis, saying that Lex Luthor has Superman , Sinestro has Green Lantern , and "Psycho has his own inability to refrain from using the c-word".

Doctor Psycho piped up at this point and said "my nemesis is Wonder Woman , that cu-- Okay, I see what you're saying. Despite his skepticism, Harley did manage to successfully steal the Batmobile.

He began to get optimistic until Robin arrived, at which point he bemoaned how far he had fallen from being in the Legion of Doom.

He and the rest of Harley's crew then kidnapped Lois Lane to improve their damaged image, and although Superman did briefly arrive, he simply let Robin handle everything.

Disgusted, he asked King Shark to "untag" him from the live stream they were doing of Lois' kidnapping. Afterward, he instructed King Shark to get in a tank of water and to swim around to scare Robin into admitting his lie about being Harley Quinn's nemesis, assuring King Shark that there would be no blood.

When Robin ended up nose bleeding into the tank and King Shark went into a frenzy, Doctor Psycho was surprised, as he thought King Shark referred to just getting a little fainty.

After Batman arrived and subdued King Shark, Doctor Psycho helped Clayface to get him moved into a seat, watching the battle unfold with a bag of popcorn without getting involved.

Afterward, he used his telekinesis to help Clayface clean up Poison Ivy's apartment. Entering Harley Quinn 's mind. Doctor Psycho tried to dodge helping Clayface with his acting, arriving just in time for King Shark to shove a Suicide Squad t-shirt onto him.

After finally wrestling the shirt into place he noticed that Harley was frozen in place, and indicated that she was probably experiencing a "level-four brain freeze".

Poison Ivy asked for his help to resolve it, which he agreed to do after insisting that Ivy refers to him as " Doctor Psycho".

However, Ivy insisted on entering Harley's mind with him as he was a "perv", so he had everyone hold hands before launching them all into Harley's mind.

Doctor Psycho Listen up. While I find the switch, you follow hooker rules! Poison Ivy No kissing on the mouth? Doctor Psycho I'm sorry.

Stripper rules! Look but don't touch. The brain will protect itself if it feels threatened. In Harley's mind, Doctor Psycho landed inside of Clayface, with Clayface commenting on "what an ugly baby I have birthed" when he got out.

He welcomed everyone to Harley's "Museum of Memories" and looked through her memories until Ivy found Harley herself in the museum.

Doctor Psycho then insisted that everyone refrains from touching anything, lest they trigger a brain lockdown, at which point he left to give Harley a "hard reboot".

He then arrived at a Brain Manual Override switch but was too short to reach it. Just before he could stretch to grab it, it suddenly vanished after Harley touched one of her own memories and triggered a brain lockdown.

No one listens to me! Who touched something? Who did it? Was I not clear about the stripper rule?! Doctor Psycho angrily berated everyone, although Harley protested that she was just trying to touch herself.

Even so, the brain lockdown sealed the exit and prevented them from leaving, which caused Ivy to panic. She rounded on Doctor Psycho, who fired back by mocking her concerns about him "mind molest ing " Harley since he could have fixed the problem by himself without issue if no one came with him, and mocked them as the real "mind molesters" for touching things despite his warnings.

His tirade was interrupted when a Harley Gremlin viciously attacked King Shark, which he identified as an agent of Harley's mind trying to defend itself from them.

After saying that they would die in real life if they died in Harley's mind, an entire swarm of Harley Gremlins arrived and everyone was forced to flee.

King Shark, Harley, and Doctor Psycho held the Gremlins at bay as they fled, with King Shark biting one in half and Doctor Psycho manipulating Harley's mind to morph two Gremlins into a single, impaired creature.

He then had everyone follow him to an elevator so that they could reach Harley's subconscious, where an emergency exit was located.

However, he was once again too short to hit the button, and King Shark's "stupid fin" ended up hitting the wrong button when a Harley Gremlin bit him.

They ended up at Harley's optic nerve, where they discovered Sy Borgman and Golda preparing to cremate their bodies.

Doctor Psycho was the only person properly alarmed by this, prompting Harley to pick him up so that he could hit the proper button - to Harley's subconscious.

Doctor Psycho suggested everyone spread out to search for the exit, but they were swarmed by a horde of Harley Gremlins before they could do so.

Luckily, a hallucination of Frankie Muniz helped them reach the emergency exit, which Doctor Psycho identified as having been sent by a "small, sane part of [Harley's] brain", and Frankie confirmed this.

Einem Verdächtigen ist die Flucht aus dem Verhörraum gelungen und die Soko verstrickt sich zusehends in Schuldzuweisungen.

Max probiert das mit Hilfe eines psychologischen Teamspiels, was den Streit der SoKo untereinander aber nur noch weiter verstärkt.

Insbesondere Eddie hat die Nase voll, aber Max versucht ihn nach Kräften wieder aufzubauen. Arbeit trägt erste Früchte, als Eddie auf eigene Faust ermittelt und einen alten Bekannten als Drahtzieher in dem Fall identifiziert.

Doch der Mann erweist sich als gefährlicher als gedacht und ganz plötzlich ist Zusammenhalt der Truppe mehr denn je vonnöten.

Max ganzes Können ist gefragt Um an ihn ranzukommen, zieht die komplette Sonderkommission in die Nachbarwohnung der Ehefrau des Verdächtigen.

Nur auf die Anwesenheit von Max Munzl wollen alle verzichten, der wird? Da trifft es sich gut, dass auch Max? Max versucht zu trösten.

Währenddessen kommt es in der Soko WG ständig zu Streitereien. Kerstin fühlt sich nicht als Frau wahrgenommen, Eddie fühlt sich nicht ernst genommen, und Victor hält den Einsatz generell für falsch.

Die Streitereien drohen den Einsatz zu gefährden und Sokoleiter Hendricks sieht sich gezwungen, Max um Hilfe zu bitten.

Er soll die Gemüter beruhigen. Aber Max geht noch einen Schritt weiter. Er nimmt eigenmächtig Kontakt zur Frau des Waffenhändlers auf.

Ein folgenreicher Schritt, denn die Dame interessiert sich jetzt plötzlich auch für ihre neuen Nachbarn Max Munzl ist zurück. Die Kollegen sind davon wenig begeistert und haben sogar eine Unterschriftenliste gegen ihn gestartet Das geht ja gut los!

So richtig beliebt ist Max bei seinem Chef wohl immer noch nicht. Svenja und Max sind sich nicht so ganz sicher, was man nach einem Kinoabend noch so alles treiben kann.

Vielleicht hat ja Vater Munzl eine zündende Idee Eddie scheint es einfach drauf zu haben. Glaube er zumindest.

Svenja und Max verbringen den ersten morgen danach zusammen und schon tritt die erste Krise in Form eines achtbeinigen Monsters im Bad auf.

Svenja ist davon wenig begeistert - wäre doch gelacht, wenn Max nicht zeigen würde was in ihm steckt Hinter dem Rücken der Einheit wird Max mit einem besonderen Auftrag versehen.

Not yet a subscriber? New to DC Universe? Doctor Psycho initially thought there were no lasers protecting it until Queen of Fables' mouse went ahead to steal the Weather Machine and was sliced into pieces by. Doch der Mann erweist sich als gefährlicher more info gedacht und ganz plötzlich ist Zusammenhalt der Truppe mehr read more je vonnöten. I got a type! He accused Doctor Psycho of locking him in check this out basement for days, killing anyone who even remotely read article to like him, never buying him a WayneStation4, and go here deliberately naming seems streamen legal 2019 consider "Herman" for https://3d-world.se/serien-hd-stream/das-fgnfte-gebot.php, all of which Doctor Psycho see more deny. He then arrived at a Brain Manual Override switch but was too short to reach it. He tossed car after car at caroline cave, constantly keeping her on the defensive, until dr. psycho stream taunted him to attack her with his own hands. I'm sure next year you're gonna be big enough". Article source ganzes Können ist gefragt dr. psycho stream


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